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While seemingly laid back and indifferent towards others it is noted that Kiyotaka when he becomes serious and motivated can come up with some really interesting and smart ideas that make use of his good perception skills and showcase one of his more prominent traits which is his cunning. Despite his averse to getting involved in troublesome situations Kiyotaka is shown to be very good at dealing with and managing various difficult situations which is an interesting trait about him that hints at his true personality.

As the series goes on and as Kiyotaka and the members of his class deal with one crisis after another it becomes clear that beneath his normal self Kiyotaka also has a personality that he hides and conceals from the others including his friends. In this personality Kiyotaka is shown to be a calculating and manipulative person and also a smart one that is not above using people for his own ends.

As a character, I felt that Kiyotaka was an interesting character whose dual nature in the form of his two different personalities are what actually define him.

Overall the character of Kiyotaka I felt was a well-designed one that showed that careful observation and rational decisions along with a little manipulation can ensure that what they all hold dear can be protected. I felt that Shouya Chiba actually did an excellent job in his first main roles for me. Suzune Suzune Horikita voiced by new seiyuu Akari Kito is one of the main characters of the series and is the main heroine of the series.

A year-old high school freshman and a member of class D Suzune is a quiet, well-mannered but distant person at the start of the series. In the beginning Suzune also had a rather curious view on friendship in that she did not see a need for it in the beginning. As a result of her ice queen like personality Suzune in the beginning was seen by many within the class as something akin to an oddball and not widely trusted by her classmates.

Indeed, at this point in time she was also the same as well as she regarded friendship and bonds with something akin to disdain. Though reluctant at first Suzune gradually becomes friendlier to others but still keeps a certain distance from others. Though still dismissive about friendships Suzune begins to understand that friendship and unity within the class will be important if they were to endure within the school and starts to care more about her classmates advising and helping them when needed until she is satisfied that they are safe.

While still quiet and preferring to stay logical Suzune is shown to be a very determined person that also has great conviction and is not the type of person that will back down from arguments especially when engaged in arguments with others. Suzune is also shown to have very good decision making and analytic skills that when combined with her excellent perception skills make her formidable in defending the class in meetings.

Within the series this acts as the main focus for the relationship that Suzune has with Kiyotaka which is also one of the main parts of the shows story. Though their relationship started off rather poorly over the course of the series their relationship gradually improved and Kiyotaka become one of the few people that Suzune trusted. As a character, I felt that Suzune was a well-designed character that showed some excellent character development as the series went on and in the process becoming one of my favourite characters.

The gradual change from an ice queen to someone that stood as one of the best defenders of Class D I thought was a change that was well designed. I felt that her seiyuu Akari Kito really did an excellent job portraying the character of Suzune in one of her first main roles.

A considerate and understanding person Kikyou has a very direct personality and seems to be someone that values friendship and bonds quite highly as she cares a great deal about each one of her friends deeply. Underneath the angle like personality that she presents to outsiders Kikyou surprisingly has another personality that is radically different to her surface one.

Perhaps more so than in her default personality Kikyou seems to be in great fear of being isolated and being lonely.

The character of Kikyou Kushida I felt was an interesting character that while supportive of the main characters and to the class emphasized one of the main themes of this anime quite well. The theme being that everyone wears a mask in society. The contrast in her personality I felt was interesting as was her relationship with Kiyotaka. I felt that her seiyuu Yurika Kubo did an excellent job in portraying her. Despite being from another class though Honami bears none of the malice and hatred that other students in the school have towards class D and instead treats them equally and with respect.

Kind, caring Honami is someone that seems to wear her heart on her sleeve being kind and caring towards everyone that she meets regardless of whether they belong to her class or to others. Though a rule bound person by nature Honami is also shown to be flexible with rules and will happily bend them if it means that she can help someone in need.

Honami I felt was an interesting character in that unlike the rest of the cast she did not seem to have a mask and her base personality appears to be genuine.

Her attempts to help the members of class D with their plans I felt was a good indication of cooperation that can take place between classes. Nao Touyama I felt did an excellent job in her portrayal of Honami.

Though kind and well-mannered in the beginning of the series Airi wrestled with the distinct problem of having low self-esteem which made her jittery and prone to becoming nervous when people talk to her which manifested in her attempts to defend her personal space rather determinedly. The decision to use a model as an alternate side to her personality I felt was a good move as models in addition to showcasing products can also serve to help other people by their modelling as well.

I felt that Mao Ichimichi did an excellent job in portraying the character of Airi. The uniform designs for the school I felt were also well designed and looked pretty smart as well. Character design I felt was also pretty good with each character being unique and well designed. In terms of animation I felt that animation was clear and beautifully detailed. In terms of music I felt that the series had a pretty good opening and ending themes with the ending being particularly strong.

Overall conclusion Overall Youkoso was an interesting anime that had as its main strengths an interesting premise, story, characters and the underlying themes of society that it tries to address. The main premise of this show is of course the prestigious high school that the main characters attend in the story. To reinforce this system the anime makes use of an interesting system that serve to underline the central purpose of this school.

The system is an interesting concept in itself in that it acts both as a central resource for the everyday needs of the students but also an objective for the students for failure to do well in the school will see the number of points that they gain every month lessen.

One of the series main themes is that of equality which is best shown in not just the division of students into classes but also in the number of masks that characters must adapt as part of their personalities to exist in society. When combined with the personalities of characters that appear to be kind and unassuming on the surface the masks aspect works well to add more depth to the characters.

This aspect of the anime itself I felt was pretty interesting. While the struggles between the classes served to highlight the differences in status between the classes with lower letter ones being superior to the higher letter ones and best seen in the disdain that class A and C members have for class D.

The overall story for the series also plays a part in dealing with the theme of equality in that it pits the members of class D widely regarded by the school as outcasts against a school who is determined to make things difficult for them. This struggle against great odds by a class of misfits that make use of a variety of tactics to even the field to give them a better chance of victory I felt only serves to make this anime that much interesting.

Watching Kiyotaka and Suzune work together to counter the plans of the other classes and the school sure was fun to watch. Overall Youkoso was an interesting anime that had not just an interesting premise and a great story but also great characters that it used to tackle a number of interesting themes that are really relevant in society and in terms of final score I think it definitely deserves a 10 in my books.

More reviews by Shingster I’m not claiming to be a veteran when it comes to watching anime, but I’ve seen enough where viewing shows with a typical high school setting just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. Of course a lot of the shows in this genre come with a twist or two, and Classroom of the Elite is no exception. However just because an anime uses the classic school life formula doesn’t mean that it will be successful. While it’s true that some shows are able to effectively pull off the school life setting, lesser anime, like Classroom of the Elite, fail right from the get go.

Episode one dives right into explaining the setting and sets up the general story of the anime. Viewers learn that the school in which the characters are attending is a special academy where students are divided into four classes based off of skill and other criteria that is never really discussed you’ll soon learn that the lack of a proper explanation for things is a reoccurring theme with this anime.

Unsurprisingly, the two protagonists, Kiyotaka Ayanokouji and Suzune Horikita, are put in class D, the lowest ranking class. The story is supposed to be about their rise from the bottom to the top of the academy’s hierarchy, but there’s one major problem; They make relatively no progress toward achieving this goal throughout the course of the anime.

Before I go into more detail on this, let me explain an unique plot element that the author introduced for the anime: a point system. These points are given to students and represent multiple things, including currency and class ranking. The students lose points for bad grades, behavior, etcetera and earn them by achieving various things, many of which are unexplained. Points are allocated after each month, and one of the first twists in the anime is that class D failed to earn any points after their first month at school pfft.

What losers , thus throwing them into a state of turmoil. Now this system could have been used in so many ways that would have easily benefited the plot of the anime. However the distribution of these points is so convoluted and rarely touched upon that in the latter portion of the anime I felt like their importance completely vanished.

Characters would just go up to a chart and say things like “Oh look, our class has X points and the others have Y points. The few exceptions are when Ayanokouji actually uses the points in an inventive manner to do things like purchase old test answers and boost the grade of a classmate’s exam. Unfortunately, the point system wasn’t nearly as explored as it should have been, and it failed to reach its full potential.

Remember when I said that the goal in this anime at least from what I could discern was for the core cast to strive to become the best in the school? While its true that class D with the exception of Ayanokouji at first desperately want to rise to the top, we rarely see anything significant done by them in order to achieve this goal.

At one point Horikita gave a commanding speech in which she warned the other classes to look out for class D. From my perspective, this was just an empty threat. In fact, more often then not, the anime showcases the members of class D struggling to simply earn any points at all much less hoping to compete against their rivals.

The anime constantly presented us with many “tough” scenarios that were supposed to leave viewers impressed with the protagonists for finding creative solutions to them. The problem is that many of these situations were too lackluster for me to even care about them in the first place. These mediocre events ranged from trying to have everyone in the class pass an exam without failing miserably to finding a panty thief.

There are literally no stakes, and this was deleterious to the anime’s success. On a positive note, I did sort of like Ayanokouji and Horikita at first.

Ayanokouji’s casual and disinterested attitude was sort of refreshing, and his along with Horikita’s social ineptitude was interesting, especially when they were forced to interact with other characters.

Now the primary issue that I had was that both of them have a similar personality. They’re both social outcasts who have a hard time fitting in with the rest of the class. Granted, they each posses differing views on things like friendship and whatnot, but it sometimes got really boring hearing both of them talk to each other in their monotone voices all the time.

Also, they each hardly interacted with the other characters Horikita more than Ayanokouji unless they were forced to, which left the rest of the cast terribly underdeveloped. To compensate for this, the producers would give the other characters most notably Kikyou Kushida random quirks in order to make them seem more interesting.

This ultimately failed because I didn’t really care for the characters too much in the first place. The majority of the budget went into eyes and fanservice. The characters’ eyes always seem to shine bright with vibrant splotches of color.

While high in detail, the focus on irises makes everything else seem lazily designed in comparison. The only exception to this is when a character is used for fanservice appeal. During these sacred moments, the characters’ bodies suddenly gain a ton of depth, shading, curves, and enlarged breasts unless they’re male, in which case they become overly muscular instead.

Hallelujah for these ecchi scenes, am I right!? Seriously though, if the animation quality was consistently like the short and almost always unnecessary fanservice scenes, then I would have been really impressed with the show’s visuals.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t despise Classroom of the Elite or anything. I was just disappointed by the show’s laid back attitude. Everything felt anticlimactic or unnecessary and it seemed like the creators were too afraid to take any risks and instead chose the safe and easy path.

And in doing so, Classroom of the Elite became yet another mediocre anime that will certainly be forgotten by most as time goes by. More reviews by HellLyter More stacks. Anime with Unique or Villainous Main Characters.

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