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Microsoft office outlook 2010 either there no default mail free.Command-line switches for Microsoft Office products

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I didn’t even have to set up my account in Thunderbird, I just had to install it. I reinstalled Office and can use Outlook again as normal, and everything works fine, and I no longer get that error popup.

So if anyone else is getting this problem and none of the solutions are working, that’s another option to try. Thunderbird must be able to change default settings that the built-in Mail app can’t. That doesn’t really surprise me though. This happens to me when I have “Preview pane” on while using File Explorer.

If I click on an email that is saved somewhere, I get this error message. I had this problem and it was caused by installing the 64bit version of office Removed it and installed 32bit Office and the problem was resolved. That makes sense with my situation as well. I uninstalled 32 bit and installed 64 bit – problem window appeared. Just recreate the local profile. Make sure you delete the registry key under Windows NT profile list. It will save you so much time then all the steps above..

I tried the various fixes and nothing worked so I started Task Master to see what process was causing the error. It was due to the Microsoft windows search protocol host. I disabled the two Outlook indexes and the message disappeared. When I reactivated the Microsoft Office Outlook it started again. Did not start again when I activated Microsoft Outlook. What happened? Well, I had 32 bit Outlook on the machine before and when I upgraded I’m guessing that it failed to remove the 32 bit Outlook from the searching.

I too am receiving the error and found it is coming from the Windows Search Protocal. Could this possibly have something to do with Indexing? I go back Microsoft Edge for this and the Outlook opens with no errors messages. I just had the same problem with Office I ran a quick repair from programs and features and it sorted it I know, when does that ever work O. I had the same problem running Office Pro on Windows I did all the repairs to no avail.

The message remained. Finally, I disabled the add on that Adobe had added to my Outlook.. Problem solved. So far anyway! If you’re using Outlook with Windows10 this can happen because Windows10 defaults it’s mail client to “Mail” not Outlook.

Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Outlook Outlook. When utilizing Adobe or syncing my phone Samsung I get the following error message: “Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the default mail client.

I have seen some forums stating this is an issue because the software is looking for the 32 bit mail client. Any way to fix this and still keep 64 bit office? This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. Previous Next.

In reply to Darren Gibson darren ‘s post on June 21, Any news on this subject? Did you find any solution? No, the problem still persists. The only thing I haven’t tried is deleting my user profile and seeing if that makes a difference.

In reply to Jaskeys’s post on July 2, This seems to have worked see link Ruben’s response : For anyone searching this Problem: I found the Solution for all my three Win 10 Systems. Open registry by typing regedit in run. Jaco Nel.

In reply to Jaskeys’s post on July 12, In reply to Jaco Nel’s post on July 31, Thanks for posting everybody. Michael Bollhoefer mbollhoefer. Follow the steps below to overcome such a challenge today:. If you are using outlook and versions, Help menu will enable you to locate repair.

For version, get Help menu clicked on and locate Office Diagnostics. Locate the Change button and get it clicked on. After that click on Repair and hit Continue. One of the major problems of most users of Outlook is repairing their files. They usually struggle when it comes to finding a reliable way to repair and recover their damaged Outlook files. The good part is that with the help of ScanOutlook , such a challenge will be resolved with clicks of few buttons.

Log in Account Management. Home More. Premium Knowledgebase Search Search. Known Issues. Information Title. URL Name. It will only affect Microsoft Office with volume license builds:



[SOLVED] Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill.


Take the following precautions: run up-to-date antivirus software on your computer, set your macro security level to high, clear the Trust all installed add-ins and templates check box, use digital signatures, and maintain a list of trusted sources.

Example To start Word and open the template file Myfax. Example To start Word and open multiple files, such as MyFile. Example To start Word and create a new document based on file MyFile.

Example To start Word and open a copy of file MyFile. Word opens the file so that you can edit it. Starts Word and prevents add-ins and global templates including the Normal template from being loaded automatically.

Example To start Word and then load the add-in Sales. Note: Do not include a space between the switch and the add-in name. Security Note: Use caution when running executable files or code in macros or applications.

Executable files or code can be used to carry out actions that might compromise the security of your computer and data.

Starts Word and then runs a specific macro. Example To start Word and then run the macro Salelead, type the following at the command prompt:. Note: Do not include a space between the switch and the macro name. Because macros can contain viruses, be careful about running them. Take the following precautions: run up-to-date antivirus software on your computer; set your macro security level to high; clear the Trust all installed add-ins and templates check box; use digital signatures; maintain a list of trusted publishers.

Starts a new instance of Word with no document open. Documents opened in each instance of Word will not appear as choices in the Switch Windows list of other instances. Starts a new instance of Word with a blank document. Documents opened in each instance of Word will not appear as choices in the Switch Windows list of the other instances.

Re-registers Word in the Windows registry. This switch starts Word, runs Office Setup, updates the Windows registry, and then closes. Starts Word from the operating system shell so that Word responds to only one Dynamic Data Exchange DDE request for example, to print a document programmatically. Specifies a folder as the active working folder for example, the folder that is pointed to in the Save As dialog box. Forces Excel to bypass all files that are stored in startup directories, such as the default XLStart folder located in the directory where Excel or Microsoft Office is installed.

Note: If you use this switch without specifying a file, PowerPoint starts with no presentation open and NetMeeting conferencing is not started.

Developers use this switch when testing add-ins. This example specifies the name of the template that the new presentation is based on: templatename. After you choose options and click OK , the dialog box closes, and PowerPoint prints the file and then closes. PrinterName is the name of the printer that appears in the Name box under Printer in the Print dialog box.

The empty quotation marks are necessary; the quotation marks around PrinterName and the path to the PPTX file are needed only if there are spaces in either of the names, but it is always a good idea to use them. Restores PowerPoint to the way it was before the program closed abnormally. When PowerPoint restarts, it will attempt to recover and restore some aspects of the state of the program and presentations before it closed.

Note: The playlist file is a list of presentation file names preceded by the path as needed. It is not possible to add additional command-line switches to the individual presentations within the playlist. If no item type is specified, IPM. Note is assumed. Cannot be used with message classes that are not based on Outlook. Deletes any custom category names that you have created.

Restores categories to the default names. CAT entries for a conversation thread usually expire 30 days after no activity. The command-line switch clears all conversation tagging, ignore, and moving rules immediately stopping any additional actions. Outlook , only. All previous roamed preferences are deleted and copied again from the local settings on the computer where this switch is used.

Therefore, it is recommended that you only run this command when your Outlook profile only contains the one, target mailbox. This is useful if you cannot delete one of these subscriptions within Outlook Overrides the programmatic lockout that determines which of your computers when you run Outlook at the same time processes meeting items. The lockout process helps prevent duplicate reminder messages.

This switch clears the lockout on the computer it is used. This enables Outlook to process meeting items. Imports the contents of an. If Outlook is already open, queues the profile to be imported on the next clean start. Provides a way for the user to add an e-mail name to the item.

Loads the specified profile. If your profile name contains a space, enclose the profile name in quotation marks ” “. Opens the Choose Profile dialog box regardless of the Options setting on the Tools menu. Starts Outlook by using an existing Outlook window, if one exists. Note: This is the same command as Upgrade to Color Categories in each Outlook mailbox properties dialog box. Resets default folder names such as Inbox or Sent Items to default names in the current Office user interface language.

For example, if you first connect to your mailbox in Outlook by using a Russian user interface, the Russian default folder names cannot be renamed. To change the default folder names to another language, such as Japanese or English, you can use this switch to reset the default folder names after you change the user interface language or install a different language version of Outlook.

Empties the form regions cache and reloads the form region definitions from the Windows registry. Attempts to open the same profile and folders that were open prior to an abnormal Outlook shutdown. Starts Outlook without the Reading Pane or toolbar customizations. Starts Outlook and opens the specified folder in a new window.

Specifies a sharing URL to connect to Outlook. Starts Outlook, forces a detection of new meeting requests in the Inbox , and then adds them to the calendar. Opens the specified database or Microsoft Access project. You can include a path, if necessary. If the path contains spaces, enclose it in quotation marks. Opens the specified Access database for exclusive access. Right-click on win. Name this new value: MAIL. You then need to create the key s that the MAIL key refers to.

If this is a bit machine, you’d need to use option A below. If this is bit use option B:. You must restart the machine after making any Windows Registry changes, for the changes to then take effect. While there could be other issues causing email functionality not to work in Microsoft Dynamics GP, the above would be the first items we would begin looking at to rule those out. Skip to main content. Outlook will help speed up writing and replying to emails by predicting text to complete sentences.

By swiping you can choose to use the suggested text or just keep typing to ignore. Adjust what information shows on the out-of-box forms and include custom header and footer imagery and information.

Visualize any list with items that use date column information in a calendar view. As you scroll left and right, the first column of your list remains in place; similar to the sticky header that is already a part of Lists. New Graph APIs that allow developers to work directly with Managed Metadata Services, which provides a common taxonomy for tagging and classifying content across Microsoft United States.

Microsoft roadmap Get the latest updates on our best-in-class productivity apps and intelligent cloud services. Using this roadmap. Roadmap improvements.

Filter the items below: Filters You may select more than one filter View results Clear all. Product Filter by Cloud based applications and platforms included in Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Azure Information Protection. Microsoft Microsoft admin center. Microsoft compliance center. Microsoft Cloud App Security. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Microsoft Defender for Identity. Microsoft Defender for Office Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Microsoft Graph.

Microsoft Information Protection. Microsoft Intune. Microsoft Power Apps. Microsoft Search. Microsoft Stream. Microsoft Teams. Microsoft To Do.


Microsoft office outlook 2010 either there no default mail free

How to fix Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Outlook. Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the default mail client. I am using Windows 10 Pro 64 bit operating system version , build

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