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I compared 4 pitch correction plugins. Here are the results! | VI-CONTROL.Logic Flex Pitch- Surprisingly Excellent! –

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Antaren Posted April 26, And the folks at Melodyne actually answer questions I email them! Great support. Logic Pro My old version does work as a plugin, by the way. It’s been enough for what I want but I imagine I’ll have to update to get the ARA functionality so I might as well wait and see what the options are then. Ploki Posted April 26, Atlas Posted April 26, Melodyne is definitely more advance than Flex pitch or time.

If you have the money go for it! Thanks Ploki – what I meant though is that the version of Melodyne I have is discontinued by Celemony now, so they won’t be updating it, I’m guessing I’ll need to upgrade or buy one of the newer versions. Might be worth it though. Posted April 29, I’ve always had good experiences when contacting them Posted May 1, Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL.

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Click here! Share More sharing options Followers 0. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Guitars: Getting the sound right — Using the Sound Editor to adjust the timbre in unique ways. The Sound Editor: tips on bass — Enhancing the bass by isolating individual partials and processing them separately. Adapt, reshape, reinvent music The context is as important as the notes themselves. Live a little, working without a click — Tracking the tempo of recordings and bringing them into sync.

Creating realistic harmonies — How to construct convincing backing vocals swiftly. Scales and tuning systems — Flexible, musically sensitive editing, analysis and adaptation of recordings. The human touch, tempos that breathe — Reshaping the tempo without losing the feel of a performance. Get there fast The finest function is of little use if it slows down the workflow. All Melodyne technologies are designed to offer you audio editing that not only sounds natural and musical but is performed in a natural, musical way.

So your editing can be as finely nuanced and sensitive as the performance itself. And the results obtained just as fast and intuitively. And thanks to Multitrack Note Editing, you can display as many tracks as you like in a single window of Melodyne studio and edit notes on multiple tracks simultaneously. The basic workflow — The basic procedure for swift, intuitive editing.

Editing multiple tracks simultaneously – Viewing and editing multiple tracks in context. The last word Technology should inspire you, not dictate to you. The more complex the music, the greater the scope for differences of interpretation — regarding the chords or tempo, for example.

Fortunately, you are never forced to accept the results of the automatic detection; you can adjust and refine them at will. This guarantees you an interpretation that corresponds exactly to your ideas.

You can even fine-tune the sophisticated playback algorithms to suit your material in order to achieve the highest quality, most natural sound possible. Tweaking algorithms — How to adjust the algorithm to achieve still better results from difficult material. I stayed away from Flex Tune because there were major artifacts on untuned audio.

For a bit I would copy the whole track, tune one and fly in just the notes I’d fixed. If those audio glitches aren’t happening any more I’d give it another look I’ve used Melodyne, mostly for vocals, sometimes for changing arrangements, intermittently for over a decade. Great program, but I was tiring of having to leave Ableton to tune and manipulate my vocals. I switched to Logic specifically because I wanted an integrated solution for what I do, and flex pitch seemed to offer that seamlessly- for at least two or three years?

I don’t remember exactly. And then it went glitchy. Another thing that sets it apart: Melodyne also works on polyphonic material. You can edit vocal recordings with multiple voices and even turn a single melody into an entire choir.

The various versions of Melodyne are all available at Thomann, including updates from older versions. Like Melodyne, Revoice Pro is designed to perform as naturally as possible and lets you go into great detail with your adjustments.

The software is a comprehensive tool for editing vocals, dialogs or instruments. But if you need a comprehensive and in-depth vocal alignment and pitch correction tool and additional effects like convincing double tracking, Revoice Pro is the right tool for the job. Another interesting feature is the ability to copy the pitch from one recording to another. But when it comes to polyphonic pitch shifting, reTune is in a class of its own, especially with complex and polyphonic material. Unlike many pitch correction plug-ins, Little AlterBoy by Soundtoys offers only a handful of parameters.



– Autotune/Melodyne or Flex Pitch – Logic Pro – Logic Pro Help


By readingMarch 5, in Logic Pro. Happy to help. A lot of what I do is editing vocals often somewhat harsher ones than not freee these two are important tools for me. What this means is that litch you want to keep the vocal authentic and avoid getting artifacts and having it sound like it’s been tuned you use the drift tool to do a lot loyic edits.

Drift keeps the relative curves the same /17032.txt you melodyje parts of the vocal higher or lower. In Melodyne each “Blob” as they’re called can be fdee with a single drift tool. In flex pitch when you move your mouse over each vocal slice you can edit mwlodyne the left half and capcom games for pc free right half. This is somewhat tedious logiv slow at first because you have to use the scissors tool more often to get a good edit. In melodyne you have the ability to quickly drift ALL of your vocals and you will get a better result than in logic If you put in the time Flex Pitch is better here.

This is a subtle difference but it definitely speeds up the process. Can’t say I personally use this tool often.

Mind you this is a fully loaded brand new iMac. Flex pitch has the potential to win here but as it is I don’t see my sessions running smoother using flex pitch on the CPU front. Flex pitch allows you to make these kinds of edits, but you’re far more likely to get ridiculous artifacts in logic. Melodyne seems to be very smooth here. Double clicking on a section in pihch pitch will bring you to the FILE section and often just send the pitch straight into the ground logic pro x pitch correction vs melodyne free you go melodyme to the flex window.

Easy undo, but still annoying. I posted here about this recently, but when I have flex pitch going my screen will often jump logif a separate section of the song, interrupting my flow and costing minutes to fix on occasion.

If melodyne doesn’t detect a note properly the first time больше на странице can quickly just hit transfer and re load it until it works properly. In logic this process is much more trying and difficult. I will say I use flex pitch almost exclusively, so this hasn’t deterred me enough to switch, though the combination of all of these occasional glitches is frustrating.

I love using melodyne for this. Logic theoretically could do the same, however you’d have to duplicate the entire track, a hefty cost for one small harmony. I can drop a vocal much farther in melodyne and get away with it than flex pitch.

Hopefully you won’t be doing too many of those, but when the occasion arises that your vocal is shot to hell and you need to resolve it melodyne handles better. Why bother getting a par sounding edit with melodyne than just re-record a guitar or separate vocal takes? Good for cleanup if you have no other option, waste frew time otherwise. It’s been around way longer so is less buggier. Occasional glitch but the lesser of two evils. I’m with fisherking.

I’ve given up melodyne still haven’t sold my license, probably won’t. The main reason is beacsue for what i do, fairly light pitch work and rhythmic edits, having the data embedded in the region wins every time. The instant analysis and not having to wait for melodyne to record it rules.

I do sorta think melodyne logic pro x pitch correction vs melodyne free better in a few logic pro x pitch correction vs melodyne free, some negligible, some not, but the convenience wins for me personally.

Logic pro x pitch correction vs melodyne free Pro 12gb RAM 2. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with больше информации account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 lro are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. By joshj26 coreection ago in Logic Pro. By Ananna1 hour ago in Logic Pro. By supahdMarch 12, in Logic Pro.

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Posted March 5, Has anyone worked with both of these enough to discern any difference in sound quality between the two. Mac Pro 5. Mac O. Komplete 9 ult. Superior Drummer.

Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Here’s where each beats the other. This is a subtle difference but it definitely speeds up the logic pro x pitch correction vs melodyne free Here’s where I see them tied: -Sound – They both sound great. Can’t say I personally use this tool often -CPU – It seems like Melodyne would lose here due to the fact por you’ll have to have an instance of Melodyne open on each vocal, however from just using flex pitch all the time I know that when Logic pro x pitch correction vs melodyne free start to have flex pitch tracks going my computer will behave in the same manner as though it were Melodyne.

Flex pitch has the potential to win ,ogic but as it is I don’t vd my sessions running smoother using flex pitch on the CPU front -Gain – Increasing gain sounds great on both. Here’s where melodyne beats flex pitch- -Tying notes together: I can’t remember exactly what the parameter is logic pro x pitch correction vs melodyne free, but in Melodyne you can edit the transition between two notes. I use flex pitch everyday. Used melodyne for years, either will handle the job. Here’s a vorrection pitch edited vocal: [soundcloud].

Logic Posted March 6, Just finished a session tonight and I have to say once again my system is put on the brink due to Flex Pitch. I can’t say for certain, but this has happened before I had maybe 7 vocal tracks, 2 guitar, 1 piano. WAY ffee much for such a small project. For comparison my latest dance track ran 82 tracks no problem.

По этому сообщению the conversation You can loic now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Mwlodyne to topic listing. Recent Topics I recorded all my instruments and vocals correctly sound in time with click track metronome for months, but now last section of my vocals are not in sync. Input latency By joshj приведенная ссылка, 26 minutes ago in Logic Pro.

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– Logic pro x pitch correction vs melodyne free

Three independent tools are offered for pitch correction that allow you to modify Melodyne in Logic Pro X – Learn here how the ARA integration in Logic. I just want to know which one is best pitch correction and Studio One Pro, which comes with a license for Melodyne Essentials for free. Melodyne has polyphonic control and in-depth parameters, in addition to impressive transparency. Flex Pitch comes free with Logic Pro and is.

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