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DUY Valve. DUY don’t ask me how you pronounce that! DUY Tape. Fee system deals with the dynamic and spectral aspects of valves separately, because although it’s well known that valves compress signal peaks when they’re overdriven, the adobe photoshop windows free harmonic structure varies with the valve type and biasing arrangement.

In addition to the input level slider, there’s also a drive control called the Pusher, arranged as a horizontal fader, but there’s no output level control, so it’s not always possible to windoows the processed and direct levels for comparison.

With symmetrical input material this will make no difference, but where the material being processed is very asymmetrical brass waveforms are very asymmetrical, for examplethe subjective difference can be quite noticeable. A Pluginw button forces the same preset /2710.txt be chosen from both Spectrum and Dynamic settings, but unlinking it allows any preset from one group to be combined with any preset from the other.

DUY Max. For windows 10 also an idealised noiseless tape mode, just in case the thought of analogue hiss throws you into a panic. The user can select the required tape characteristics via buttons, but otherwise has control only over input and output level stereo metering is provided. Just as with tape, the effect is only obvious at high signal levels, but sonically DaD Tape seems very authentic — although, just like real tape, the effects are more subtle than you might expect.

Having the different simulations helps match the treatment to the sound being processed, but I feel the control system could be better. DUY Wide. In addition to the input gain slider, there’s a Boom 3d free slider to set the threshold above which processing takes place.

The manual states that if the input signal comes close to 0dB, the Max slider range is limited to around 6dB, and above this point unwanted artifacts may appear. An output duy plugins for windows free download free sets the maximum peak value of the processed signal and meters show the levels of the input and output signals simultaneously. Duy plugins for windows free download free Max may be used in mono or stereo. DUY Shape.

In addition to a stereo enhancement amount slider, there’s an input gain slider and a variable frequency boost equaliser to help compensate for any spectral change that might result from the processing. Switching in Boost increased the overall level, but neither the Frequency dodnload Boost control had any effect.

Phase meters show how much processing is taking place, and they also provide an indication of how the process might affect mono compatibility. Stereo level meters continuously monitor the processed output. How effective plugjns process is depends on the material being treated, and in my experience that applies to all the competing products too. Any tonal change should be small enough to compensate for by using the Boost control. The effect isn’t always as dramatic as you might wish, and I’ve found much the same with the competing systems — a lot depends on the characteristics of the source material.

It’s usually best to process just elements of the mix rather than the whole thing — then you can use more intense processing on reverb, delay and sound effects, for example. It’s not an EQ, it’s not a compressor and it’s not an enhancer, duy plugins for windows free download free it duy plugins for windows free download free llugins of all three and pougins.

Again operable in mono or stereo, DUY Shape splits the audio spectrum into three bands, which the firefox free windows 10 64 bit can vary via two adjustable crossover frequency sliders. Representing по этому сообщению band is a graph fee input against output, rather like a compressor, and these are the Shapers. The default condition is a diagonal line on each graph, depicting that the input and output are linearly related.

Grabbing the top point of the line duy plugins for windows free download free pulling it down /6318.txt the level in that frequency ссылка, but that’s all, hence the ability to equalise. It’s also possible to define different curves according to cosine or six logarithmic rules, and these all produce subjectively different results. The outputs from all three bands are summed in нажмите для продолжения mixer; repeated clicking on the mixer icon lets you solo any band or hear the the full mix.

Similarly, you can expand the waveforms to make the peaks higher still, but this isn’t the same thing as conventional expansion. There’s no explanation по этому адресу of what to expect from the different curve types, so you really have to ‘suck it and see’. Even fof, the results can be intriguing. You could shape only the top band to emulate a traditional enhancer, shape just the bottom band to get a nice analogue saturation effect, or shape everything, and alter the relative levels of the three bands, to totally change duy plugins for windows free download free sound of plugns mix or instrument.

If anything, I feel the designers have tried to make the user interface too graphically interesting, and the нажмите сюда might have been better spent on making the products more intuitive to use, but it really doesn’t take long to get familiar with them.

I feel Waves have done a far better job on the interface front, but there’s no denying that DUY have added some features and processes that are quite unlike anything anybody else is doing. The Shape and Valve processors are my two favourites, but all do what they claim, and with very high audio resolution. Жмите сюда wondered if they were related, and made enquiries.

It turns out that they are — though we’re told that the software department has no connection with Michel Huygen. Anyone interested in some company background should check out the DUY web site, at www. All prices include VAT. Contact Syco for prices. Good audio performance. DUY Shape is particularly flexible. Cons User interface not always as intuitive or clearly set out as it could duy plugins for windows free download free. Previous article Next article. New forum posts Re: Need help with understanding note на этой странице Active topics Need help with understanding note mapping!

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Duy plugins for windows free download free. DUY Valve, Tape, and Wide for windows download?

DUY Software has released some of its effect plug-ins in native VST DUY EverPack (includes Valve+Shape+Wide+Max), and DUY Z-Room (Free). Hi guys. Does anyone know where I can find the cracked versions of these plugins for Windows? Everytime I search I usually only get results.


Plug-ins & effects / RTAS for Windows – freeware downloads.DUY Digital Audio Plug-ins

Revalver Lives On. Mastering tools.


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