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The player, AKA The Lone Survivor must escape a city ravaged by disease and decay all while battling his own sanity and trying to distinguish reality from hallucinations. A creepy adventure horror that follows a young girl, Fran in who runs into the woods with her cat after witnessing the murder of her parents in their home.

While in the woods, Fran suffers from a breakdown and finds herself in a mental health facility for children. Fran soon escapes to find her cat where she suffers from reality breaks and gruesome visions caused by medication.

The creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent bring a creepy, underwater survival horror. Fight humanoid robots in an underwater world as the world above has been turned into a Terminator-like hell scape where machines have taken over after a mass extinction via a comet collision. Play as Simon, who wakes up after a brain scan a year later after the world as he knows it has ended. Stunningly hyper-realistic graphics brings Simon’s creepy new world to life.

Full of puzzles, psychological horror, and horrifying robotic villains. Another anime style visual novel, The Letter follows seven different characters as they fall victim to an ancient curse that has plagued a mansion for years.

Inspired by classic Asia horror films, Ju-ON: The Grudge and The Ring, The Letter features non-chronological storytelling to add to the suspense and keep you guessing as the story unfolds. Gorgeous graphics and an intricate story where your actions choose the outcome makes The Letter one of the best visual novels on Steam with the Game On award for Best Story to back it up.

Live out your curiosity about your weird neighbor with a virtual one who might be just as creepy as your real one.

Sneak into your neighbor’s house to figure out what he’s hiding in the basement in this advanced AI stealth horror game. The AI tracks your movements so every time you play you have to find alternate routes into the house to solve the mystery.

The first person narrative only adds to the suspense as you sneak and solve the mystery. What exactly is in the basement? Play to find out. This creepy realistic survival horror follows a woman who goes to a stereotypical old mansion with an evil caretaker of the house’s owner to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a young girl. Psychological horror comes into play as you are stalked and the lines between who is good and who is evil is increasingly blurred.

Remothered: Tormented Fathers is like your own personal horror movie as you explore the mansion to find out what happened to the little girl. As you explore the castle, Daniel remembers and his story unravels revealing unspeakable horrors. With a classic creepy atmosphere and a mystery to solve, Daniel’s sanity wavers as he sees monsters, but are they real or products of Daniel’s ever fraying mental state?

A terrifying survival horror where you play as the lone survivor of a plane crash in a mysterious and deadly forest full of mutant cannibals. This immersive survival horror requires building, hunting, and scavenging to stay alive all while battling the elements and cave-dwelling cannibal mutants. Features realistic nature graphics and full oculus rift compatibility in some versions for an even more terrifying and immersive gaming experience.

The infamous monster of internet lore has captivated pop culture in recent years. Explore the dark, creepy woods, abandoned mines, houses and more as you escape from the terrifying Slender Man. Your deep-seated childhood fears come back to haunt you in Among the Sleep.

Play as a two-year-old child who wakes up in the middle of the night looking for their mom after hearing ominous noises and is transported to a nightmare realm. Stunning graphics and atmospheric horror coupled with an immersive and creepy story make this award-winning game a must play. One of the scariest game franchises in recent years, Outlast follows an investigative journalist, Miles as he explores a once-abandoned mental hospital. Now taken over by a corporation, the hospital has been closed off by the public until now.

After Miles receives a tip about the corporation’s experiments, he breaks in to find unspeakable horrors and learns that there is no supernatural monster as terrifying as humans. Described by a Steam review as “a game you don’t play for fun”, Outlast is truly an achievement in horror gaming. Set for release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on April 25, , Outlast 2 follows a similar story in which a couple searching for a missing woman find that horrors await them in the desert.

Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 16 Oct pm. BY: Emily S. More on this topic: horror survival horror indie.

You can find Emily spilling coffee all over Kentucky, collecting experiences, worshiping Bowser, waiting for the avocados to ripen, and writing about cool stuff. Gamer Since: The Forest BRB booking my vacation to this getaway. Log in or register to post comments. More Top Stories. Top 25 Horror Games of Of course, as will all games, there are some that are better than others.

Here are the 25 best horror games that were released in The Last NightMary Released on Do you find yourself just a little too well rested at night? Does screaming alone in your room and throwing your keyboard at your screen sound like a good time? If this sounds like you, What is the “Golden Rule” of any good horror game? The unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

In other words, fear. While some try to avoid it, others seek it out. Horror games have become the go to The Top 10 Games Like Friday the 13th If you have enjoyed playing as Jason or a number of counselors in Friday the 13th: The Game, then you will be delighted to know there are other games out there that are similar.

Sometimes it is difficult to find game similar to the ones we most love Horror fans enjoy having their brains itched and their skin crawl. But quality horror games are hard to dig up. Love some survivor horror? Most gamers are no stranger to survival horror games, but serious survival horror fans know why this genre reigns supreme.

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Featured Bundle. View all. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. VAT included in all prices where applicable. How did he get here? And more importantly, how does Simon get out? Admittedly, I very much like the idea of science fiction taking place in the deep ocean trenches – Looking at you, Bioshock series! The graphics are spooky, the sounds are even worse, and the overpowered, tar like enemies still give me chills.

The theme overall however, is what it means to be alive. The sentient robots with human characteristics are written believably, so much so that I found myself empathizing with the legless machines that you find every so often.

When a field trip goes horribly wrong, five Indonesian girls and their teacher must survive in a ghost town that very sincerely wants them all dead. Playing as a schoolgirl and her peers and teacher, the perspective of this Indonesian stealth horror game shifts often, but manages to keep its characters and storyline together, an impressive feature for an independently published game.

This is the most popular and instant cult classic Indonesian horror game ever published and the amount of work put into the graphics, enemies, story, and character development ensure that DreadOut is more than worthy of its fame. After his reporter helicoper crash lands near the Havasupai territory with his wife inside it, Langermann has to brave the psychotic locals and bloodthirsty residents to save Lynn.

Outlast 2 wins the top spot for scariest indie game because the action is nonstop, the scares are brutal, the violence gore and bloodshed is stomach churning, and the pursuit of Sister Marta, the scythe wielding, raspy voiced nun who says that God wants your dirty soul is what really makes Outlast 2 terrifying.

The game is solely stealth, with no combat options at all. Be warned as always: Outlast 2 is filled with sexual violence and scenes so gory that they made me feel ill a few times. If your stomach is strong enough to handle all these biblical prophecies, crazed and bloodthirsty residents, a literal sub-city of sick and pus-filled villagers, then I commend you and your iron guts.

Outlast 2 is a nonstop experience. Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 13 Oct am. They say your problems are all in your head. But that’s the danger here, isn’t it?

BY: Tussii Stauffer. More on this topic: horror. When you cross Hello Kitty and a love for pixel sandbox games with eldritch horror genres, you get me. Gamer Since: I wonder what’s for dinner? Six might be if she doesn’t find a better hiding spot. Log in or register to post comments. More Top Stories. While we are naturally programmed to fear the creepy and grotesque: horror games regularly captivate a solid audience of players.

Outlast 2 has had a few hundred thousand shy of 1 million players on Steam alone, to give you an Outlast, a game too acclaimed by the public, with huge puzzles and mysteries surrounding this script; a survival horror incredibly praised by the critics and by its community, could not fail to have its story reviewed by us. In this article we will take a completely fair and unbiased look These are the top 10 of the scariest games you can play for yourself … if you dare. Welcome to your nightmare, will you survive the terror?

These games are not measured in points or time, but the number of blankets you hide under at night after you play them. So, turn the lights down low and lock your Can you find the evil before it devours you? There are several great card games and some combination style games that take you on adventures to discover what evil lies beneath.

Ranging from cooperative to semi Here are the top 25 best ghost movies of all time Ghosts are the classic monster. The often unseen force is a hallmark of myths, legends, and things that go bump in the night in almost every culture. The lack of control the living have over the supernatural make ghosts, poltergeists, and Masked movie killers have long been a standard of horror movies..

Some of the most terrifying horror villains are known to hide behind equally creepy masks. Horror movies like Friday the 13th and Halloween helped masked villains gain popularity in the mid-to-late s, At first glance What are the best tabletop horror games? The rise in horror-themed video games in the last decade has finally reached a firm balance between quality and quantity.

From zombie games to survival-horror to games that only exist to jumpscare you, the selection is enormous. But this trend dives The Biggest Horror Games of Horror games are awesome. Top 15 Movies Like The Grudge. So, you are seeing ghosts. Watch the following films and see how they overcome their curse.

From Japan to American, it must live on and feed off the souls of those who encounter it. Kayako ensures that no matter where you are in the world, Horror and Sci-Fi go together like ham and cheese. These days, the idea of having to survive a post-apocalyptic wasteland full of blood-hungry genetic mutations feels less like a screenplay and more like a possible reality. So we decided to share with you the top 50 best Sci-Fi The Outlast games are one of the best and highest rated in recent years.

The creepy game play filled with psychological horror, stealth, and monsters galore, follows a whistleblowing journalist who uncovers a disturbing secret buried deep How Brave Are You? This is what nightmares are made of These are the moments that made you have to get up and change your pants. This list Compact gaming has made many strides since the days of the original Game Boy.

Now with any number of games being easily transported to smartphones and tablets, the options have grown exponentially. And what better thrill to get from Android gaming than Here are the top horror movies to watch with your friends His tales range from the mentally Well, true gamers, we have much to talk about this beautiful game… Outlast 2, the sequel of Outlast brings us many thoughts, lamentations and discussions about it.

I have to say that I really appreciate Outlast 2 for so many reasons as the back story, characters, the pacing and of course the



– Indie horror games for pc

Any spare hours can be hprror repairing the barricade. More features. Similar to games like PT and Visage, players must branch out and trek the inner nooks and crannies of an anomaly-infested labyrinth.


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Infliction drops you among the remnants of a broken home. Living a Groundhog Day-esque lifestyle, the player must go through the motions and assemble a picture of what caused the once-loved suburban home to spiral into a nightmarish hellhole. What is your connection to her? And, above all, why does she seek revenge against you and you alone? Layers of Fear dares to push the boat out and conjure the darkest of fantasies in a mind-bending story-driven adventure.

In spite of the campaign only just about scraping the three-hour threshold, it does possess one of the most enthralling storylines in survival horror.

What makes it twice as captivating is its impeccable attention to detail and the element of surprise. When thrown together, Layers of Fear becomes a comprehensive banquet of trials and tribulations bolstered by an endless wave of genre-defining psychological horror. As a painter, you must navigate your manor home in search of inspiration to help draft the magnum opus of the art world. To envision the masterpiece and bring it to fruition, you must battle your inner demons and atone for your questionable past.

Easier said than done, of course, as said past is laced with violent tendencies and sadistic morals. From the minds that delivered us Emily Wants to Play comes Pacify, a psychological horror game that sees players once again going on a series of mind-rendering ghost hunts. However, unlike its predecessor, the segment crams in a multiplayer mode to help alleviate the intensity that binds with roaming a network of ghostly hallways.

Pacify drops you in the boots of a paranormal investigator. To truly pacify the wayward soul, though, you will first have to uncover the truth, as well as the motives that drive her sadistic actions. And of course, this immediately adds a thick layer of intensity over an already terrifying concept. In Detention, players must explore a cursed Taiwanese high school that houses the wayward spirits of the damned.

In a bid to unlock the secrets that haunt the school, you must face your deepest, darkest fears and immerse in a hell-bent reality that radiates a hybrid of paranoia and mystery. To connect the dots and construct the final portrait, you will need to go through hell and back in search of clues and keepsakes that aid its creation.

Fans of jump scares and disturbing imagery will find plenty to enjoy in this independently developed title. Has it always been yours? Or have their been prior owners, creating imprints of nefarious deeds and horrifying acts?

Visage really makes you wonder as you explore what appears to be a normal, suburban home. The more you reveal, the more it will come back to haunt you.

Right from the start, Darkwood isolates you from the typical and familiar staples of gaming, like quest markers or tips on where to go. Blocking your path is a horde of monsters that you can escape by barricading yourself in sparse shelters or bring down with scarce weapons.

Scavenge for supplies to survive the night or brave a world full of things itching to tear you apart. Incredible use of lighting and sound design further enhances the tone and ambiance as you explore randomly generated cursed woods and abandoned homes.

Not every successful horror title has to rely on frequent jump scares and grotesque monstrosities. Some can earn praise for their effective use of psychological horror and dark themes. Bloober Team approached Layers of Fear with the latter method in mind, hoping to terrifying players with subtle hints of horror.

In the depths of The Maw, you wake up a much smaller version of yourself. The world around you is intimidating, impossible to navigate, and filled with terrors hellbent on making a meal out of you.

All you can do to survive is run. Run and seek out an exit that may not even exist. Welcome to the life of Six, a small child trapped in a world of unspeakable horrors. Little Nightmares amplifies the fear of exploring The Maw in a few ways, but the most effective is with its vile and abnormal inhabitants. The Janitor, The Butchers, and The Lady are designed to terrify, and their inhuman, clay-like depictions are sure to haunt your dreams for many nights to come. From our Little Nightmares review :.

Finding out how he jumped 89 years into the future is one mystery to solve. Relentlessly pursued by deadly fiends, Jarret has no means of defending himself and must run and hide to survive this horrifying undersea adventure. SOMA takes many twists and turns and will surely leave players with jaws wide open.

In a post-Ghost Adventures world, so many dream of running from the ethereal form of a vengeful spirit, and this indie co-op title is their best shot of experiencing that. For how slow-paced and tame the game may seem, it has its shocking moments that leave players running and screaming. The problem with that tactic? The only way to determine the type of haunting is to utilize the plethora of real ghost-hunting tools. And sometimes that means facing off against the croaking apparition.

Phasmophobia is clever and downright fun, especially if you find the right lobby of players. Kinetic Games has even been supporting the title well, adding new ghosts, locations, mechanics, and more to keep the experience frightening and fresh. A really good horror video game is going to mess you up without you even really knowing it.

Omocat found the perfect balance of mind-bending twists and engaging gameplay to both delight and emotionally destroy players. Things get a off kilter when they uncover a dreamworld and the boy responsible for it, Omori. The horror aspect really winds up being a real glimpse into how we all deal with the traumatic and scarring events in our lives.

If you played Detention, then you already know what Red Candle Games is capable of in the horror landscape. Well, at least you thought you knew, because Devotion takes things a little further than Detention, working in a religious angle that only amplifies the unsettling feeling of this atmospheric horror title. Devotion plays out in first-person, allowing players to really immerse themselves in s Taiwan as they uncover the dark secrets of the Du family.

Playing primarily as troubled screenwriter Du Feng Yu, players maneuver through dimly lit halls infested with family secrets and grim memories. Taking cues from P.

Psychiatric hospitals are a staple in horror movies, used less so in video games as there are only so many ways to demonize the mentally unstable and make it more scary than depressing. Red Barrels takes the risk with Outlast and sends players into the belly of Mount Massive Asylum in the wake of an inmate outbreak. Rather than gather the story he intended to find, Miles is trapped in a world of horrors where the deranged and sadistic have gruesome plans for him. After their plane crashes on a mysterious, forested peninsula, Eric LeBlanc and his son, Timmy, find themselves in a real horror story.

Timmy is dragged off, leaving Eric to navigate the depths of the forest and scour nearby beaches for supplies to help on the hunt for his son. The Forest came at a time when survival games were abundant and growing stale.

However, Endnight Games knew what the genre needed, and the result is a thoroughly scary survival experience that also goes down as one of the best indie horror games. A tribe of cannibalistic mutants inhabit the peninsula and stalk Eric as he constructs shelters, crafts makeshift weapons, and hunts for food. At night, the mutant tribe bands together and comes down on the survivor. To survive, players must strategize their daily activities.

Is it more important to build defenses or hunt for a healthy supply of food? You only know you made the right choice if you survived the late-night horrors that come to feast on your flesh. As Daniel, an amnesiac protagonist with a fear of the dark, players have to stick to the light and uncover his forgotten past. The longer he stays in the dark, the more unhinged he becomes before passing out, leaving him vulnerable to his foe.

The darkest corners of the castle are his only safety, but he can only stand them for so long before succumbing to his fears. Some of the coverage you find on Cultured Vultures contains affiliate links, which provide us with small commissions based on purchases made from visiting our site.

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