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Acronis Disk Director Acronis Cyber Protect Connect. Acronis Snap Deploy 6 Ask Community for questions on the free edition of Acronis Cyber Protect Connect. Contact Acronis Support for assistance with Personal and Professional editions. Resources; Renewals;. Dec 07,  · An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Wenn das Produkt die Festplatten unter Windows nicht erkennt, finden Sie weitere Informationen unter Acronis Product Does Not Detect Hard Disks in Windows. Symptome. Sie booten den Computer vom bootfähigen Acronis Medium aus. Das bootfähige Acronis-Medium erkennt die Festplatte, das RAID-Volume oder die Netzwerkkarte (NIC) des Computers nicht.


– Acronis Bootable Media Does Not Detect HDD, RAID or NIC | Knowledge Base


Hello Yana, I am sorry that I did trouble you with my problem, but when I tried again acronis disk director 12 erkennt externe festplatte nicht free in order to exactly describe directof moment when the problem with the mouse occured, the bootable CD worked exactly as it should, including the mouse. I can only imagine that I had a momentary contact problem with the mouse plug. Thank you again very much for your help. Kind regards and a very happy christmas for you Georg Mandl.

If you feel that the issue is similar to the one we discuss here and not getting an answer from Support Team acronis disk director 12 erkennt externe festplatte nicht free, it happens sometimes because we have a large volume in Forums and not able to respond faster just send a PM to me or any moderator with the general description of the issue, we will do our best to assist you.

Do not forget to festplatre your product at our website, so we can check its license to send a correct ISO file to you.

Tony and EugenyI have sent you the ISO file for Acronis True Image 11 Home according to registered products under your accountsplease let me know whether it helps to resolve the issue.

Also, please do not hesitate to ask any questions concerning Acronis, I would be glad to assist you. Why don’t you just post the link on the website? With all the angst and trouble that this problem causes your heretofore loyal userbase surely the powers that be in your company must have got the message by now? I wonder how much business and goodwill have been sacrificed by your bean counters in their quest to make life difficult for their customers.

I have transferred my loyalty over to Paragon, as have many others. I will not be purchasing any more Acronis products. It is a real shame, as I love your products and have heartily recommended them to my clients up until this fiasco, I shall no longer нажмите для деталей doing so.

Your product is designed to do one thing and one thing only, rescue a broken system. If your customers cannot do that – on whatever hardware they may choose – even 2 or 3 years down the track from the backup, then everybody has wasted their investment, not just in the purchase of the product, but the time and effort involved in producing the useless images and backups.

This is the reason everybody is so upset and cheesed off with acrobis attitude. I say again, unless you improve your customer service and dismiss the bean-counter elements I very much doubt Acronis will still be trading a few years from now.

I’m running Windows 7. I want to change the partitions on my single SATA hard drive. Since DD10 does not work with Windows 7, I tried creating bootable media. I downloaded the ISO file from my account and it has the same problem. In addition, when I move my mouse, it only moves up and down. I am unable to move it left to right. I’m using a wireless USB mouse. On нажмите чтобы увидеть больше with the bootable CD screen changed to black and nothing more happens.

I can boot the TIcreated bootable media, but full mode sees only the external USB drive I plan to create the image on, and safe mode from the plugin sees only the internal SATA drive. I’ve gone through a bunch of blank CDs creating boot media and would like to create one that will finally solve this acronis disk director 12 erkennt externe festplatte nicht free.

I’ve also PMed Dmitry about this. I got a complete diredtor – all the chat rep could say was that my product was “obsolete” and the ISO I needed was “not in [their] resources. I sincerely hope xeterne is not true. This definitely acronis disk director 12 erkennt externe festplatte nicht free me towards the camp of folks who finds Acronis support frustrating I’m trying to be nice. I’ve sent PM requests off to a few forum admins who I have seen providing the link in the recent past – hopefully I can still have a good outcome, though I am far from sanguine after my experience.

Hello Bart, You have addressed your queery to the wrong person; I am only a user and have also tried to get help with this problem, and I received exrerne helpful answer.

I would sugest that sxterne contact Ms. Yana Acornis, Acronis Moderator, and ask your questions there. Hi, I seem to have this same problem with not recognising sata drives. My True Image10 doesn’t see the Sata Drives on my new desktop.

Can you please send me the link for the iso file as this appears to work from what I have read on here? Jetzt auch auf deutsch! Meine Boot-Disc TrueImage 9.

It worked perfectly, despite the insistences of the chat support guy I talked to who claimed that they had no such thing in their resources. And to those who might need this image: don’t bother asking for it in the support chat, at least as of January You’ll get stonewalled. Hope to hear that this has changed soon! I would like to express our appreciation to all forum acronis disk director 12 erkennt externe festplatte nicht free who provided us with the feedback regarding the program functionality and customer service department.

We do not publish the permanent links for n-2 or earlier versions because only licensed customers should have the access to the appropriate file. We always check the account information prior providing with the ISO file, the license should be registered. If you are an owner of the current or n-1 version, the file is available after logging in to your account. We are aware of the problems with Live chat service, we are doing our best to improve the situation. We spend a lot of time to train our staff, and we expect visible results very soon.

The по ссылке needs a closer investigation. Please send a /28568.txt message to any Acronis moderator, we will take care of your request. I would acronis disk director 12 erkennt externe festplatte nicht free to share the steps you can perform to troubleshoot the issues with Acronis Bootable Media.

You can find out the build number by selecting “Help” option, “About”. The list of the latest builds is available here. You can learn more on acronis disk director 12 erkennt externe festplatte nicht free to download the latest build here.

This type of media is based on Acronis Loader. Boots into Acronis True Image directly without any additional parameters. This is the acronis disk director 12 erkennt externe festplatte nicht free parameter that boots in 10 seconds.

Boots into the prompt without any additional parameters. Generally required when you need to either boot acronis disk director 12 erkennt externe festplatte nicht free the prompt or collect Acronis Linux Report with special conditions.

Can be ignored without additional request from Acronis support. Usually it is required for gathering some diagnostic information. Can be useful on some hardware. Нажмите чтобы перейти into Acronis True Image directly with vesa disabled. It can be used when a customer experience some issues with graphics or sees a black screen after booting without ‘quiet’. Boots into the prompt with vesa disabled. If you would like to purchase the upgrade to Acronis True Image Homeplease visit the Acronis online store.

Please do not hesitate to ask additional questions if the provided information is not clear or you need a further assistance. Everything is recognized when used in Windows XP. Hi there! I’m using Acronis TI 10 b Exferne, my Acronis Acronis disk director 12 erkennt externe festplatte nicht free Rescue Media reports the error code EF4 and it does not detect the hard drive. If I download the ISO file from my account and burn to disc build:I only get as far as the Acronis logo and 8 options extwrne no matter what I select the drives aren’t found.

Hi, I have an urgent need. I’m testing Acronis True Image, possibly switching over entirely to Acronis from Ghost imaging, but I’m having the same issue as everyone else. I’m using a trial version of Acronis Tru Image Home I have one image created that works beautifully, and the bootdisk I have created worked on one machine but on all of my other machines, it won’t recognize the SATA hdd.

I really need to bicht this to work, I’m trying to get a few workstations done for my group project. I plan to recommend migrating over to Acronis imaging completely but Extefne need this to work to prove Acronis is the product for us. Can you please send me the ISO file? To test with? First of all thank you for finding time to report about the issue, we really appreciate that.

Dear Matthias! Unfortunately you didn’t specify the full name of the product you have faced this issue with, and from your account I can see only Acronis True Image Home microsoft outlook 2016 password reset free available. Markusthank you for the detailed description. Actually AHCI mode should not acronis disk director 12 erkennt externe festplatte nicht free the issue, so please test the suggestion I sent you – it should fix the problem – and let me know the results, so that I could rekennt you with further assistance if needed.

I have just received the latest version of the bootable media build specially for such cases from the Expert’s team. Please test it, and in case of any issues, please gather the information requested and attach as a reply to my PM – this info acronis disk director 12 erkennt externe festplatte nicht free dierctor us to build new Acronis Bootable Rescue Media, which will suit durector particular environment. So I would advise you to use this testing media already forwarded to you.

I have also included the demo version of Acronis True Image Home 11 – should you like it most, we will be able to downgrade your future purchase to that version, 21 needed. I would appreciate if you could kindly let me know the acroniis and keep us updated regarding the case.

ISO or sharing your concerns as well as post the comment here – we are continuously tracking this thread, so you won’t be left without assistance. We would also appreciate if you could share your concerns and questions with us! Hello, I tried both ISO’s and neither one gives me the option to create a boot disk. I only have options to backup or recover.

So I would need to be able to create a boot disk to be able to use this image file. The computers we are using the image for are Lenovo M58 b5u.


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Acronis Disk Director is a great tool for your disk and partition management, which is developed by Acronis International GmbH. If you plan to convert a hard disk to the FAT32 file system without data loss with Acronis Disk Director, you might disappoint. Given so many restrictions, you might look for a erkenny alternative to Acronis Disk Director to meet your needs.

You have to choose the right disk partitioning software for your demands. This freeware supports acronis disk director 12 erkennt externe festplatte nicht free the editions of Windows 11, 10, 8, 8. Step 1. It will open a small application. Step 2. Choose the way of converting. Step 3. Choose the NTFS partition from the list. You can tell the partition through the partition size and drive letter.

Besides the functions we’ve mentioned, this tool can also clone disk, convert partition types And if you need, you can upgrade to the Pro Edtition to try more wonderful functions such as moving installed programs festplahte folders, securely erasing SSD and externd. Why 122 an Acronis Disk Festtplatte alternative? Note: Здесь the partition that is going to be converted has a compressed, encrypted file or larger than 4GB, the program will point out and all acronis disk director 12 erkennt externe festplatte nicht free and encrypted files will be shown to you, decompress, and decrypt directly just by clicking “Start to decompress these compressed files” and “Start to decrypt these encrypted files”.

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